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All artwork Copyright Emily E. Weichbrod
Do Not reproduce Without Permission
January 2015
Colored Pencil
10 x 12.5 in.
"His Majesty's Domain"
April 2016
Colored Pencil
14 x 12 in.

Largest full colored pencil piece to date. The tiger-striped dragon wanted his own place.
"Mountain Master"
April 2018
Colored Pencil Canson Mi Tienes
9 x 12 in.

As the Tiger rules the jungle, the Snow Leopard rules the mountain
"How Heavy is Your Heart?"
January 2019
Colored Pencil
11 x 14 in.
"Golden Queen"
June 2019
Colored Pencil and watercolor
Arches Cold Press paper

10 x 6 in.
"Small Warrior"
October 2015
Colored Pencil
8 x 10 in.

On Canson Mi Tienes paper
October 2017
Black Ink
12 x 9 in.

Anxiety and Depression - the dark voices lie.
"Furry Cruise Badge 2017"
December 2016
Colored Pencil
6 x 5 in.

On Bristol Vellum
Many of the fantasy pieces I do are badges and sketches at conventions. Below are my finished fantasy pieces.
SkieBorne Art