Yes, I do take commissions. Just send a description of what you would like to

I will assume and expect that all commissioners have read and agreed to all my Terms Of Service below.

Payment and Pricing:
I ask for at least half of the payment before I begin coloring and the other half before I send the finished piece.

Base Prices (size dependant): Minimum cost is $50 irregardless of size exculding con badges.

5 x 8 inch:
    Single Character (no or minimal background): $50 (example)
    Single Character (w/ background): $60  (example)

8 x 10 inch:
    Single Character (no or minimal background): $80 (example)
    Single Character (w/ background): $100 (example)

9 x 12 inch:
    Single Character (no or minimal background): $110 (example)
    Single Character (w/ background): $130 (example)

Additional characters $5-10

Pet Portrait:
Same as above prices. Note that size does restrict detail. 8 x 10 is best suited for head or head/shoulders pieces.
    With background: add $10 -20

ConBadge Prices:
    Regular Size (3 x 4 in): $30.00 (example)
    Book of Kells (3 x 4 in): $30.00 (example)

Larger paper sizes can be requested, however price will depend on the size of the paper.

Note: Above prices are the LOWEST that I will do the type of commission described, however if you describe to me a more complicated piece, the price may be higher then the base. I must have a complete description to quote you an accurate price.

I ask for payment in US funds via Money Order or PayPal. No out of area personal checks. Exact amount only.

Commission Steps:
When you request a commission I MUST have a COMPLETE, DETAILED description of what you want: Species, pose, background, description of character, identifying marks, and any additional parts you think are important. For pet portraits, multiple photos/references are ideal.

I make sure you are involved as it is worked on so you get just what you want :) This means that I will show you the preliminary sketch, the clean sketch, the initial coloring and the final color. You have the option of pointing out problems and asking me to change anything in the image up through the initial coloring.

Terms Of Service

I will not draw copyright characters or re-draw someone elses picture with the exception of public domain pieces (modified classic works) or obvious satire. I also do not draw porn, fetish art, or gore.
I do not do (human) family portraits, sorry.

While working on a piece, I update the commissioner weekly via e-mail or other preferred contact. Exception being if I am out-of-town or otherwise unavailable, however I will notify the commissioner of this in advance.

Up to three revisions of rough sketch, one revisions of final sketch, one revision after preliminary color.
After the above any re-draws start at 10% of the commision cost each with cost depending on completeness at time of re-draw request. I keep the "mistakes". Note, this only applies to REASONABLE revisions. Pose change in the sketch stage, fine, complete re-work because you changed your mind? No. That constitutes a new commission and will be priced as such.

If matting or framing is elected the commissioner is responsible for the cost of the frame and mat chosen. The commissioner is also responsible for the cost to have the piece assembled at a professional frame shop or at an additional 10% of total cost if I do the assembly. Commissioner may choose which is elected.

Shipping costs depend on location. Insurance is mandatory on any piece over $50. Pieces up to 11 x 14 are shipped flat, larger than 11 x 14 are shipped rolled unless on mat-board, matted and/or framed. Shipping will be figured after completion of the piece as weight may vary depending on if any matting or framing is also elected.

Unless agreed upon beforehand, I own the copyright on the artwork created. You own the original work, but do not have a right to reproduce it unless I am asked first and agree. Buying the copyright from me is not included in the basic commission cost.
Artwork is not allowed to be reposted anywhere without my permission unless a link is provided to my website.
I reserve the right to create prints of finished images.
NONE of my artwork is to be used for AI or AI training purposes.

A refund may be requested at any time with the amount of refund dependant on the amount of work completed at time of refund request. A full refund will only be provided if no work has yet been completed.

I reserve the right to discontinue a commission at any time and for any reason and provide the commissioner with a refund.

Abandoned Artwork:
Any artwork commissioned that has not been fully paid for will be considered abandoned after no communication responses for 12 months.
Any artwork commissioned that has been fully paid for will be considered abandoned after no communication responses for 18 months.

Abandoned artwork shall be disponsed of at my discretion and may be sold to another person.
SkieBorne Art
All artwork Copyright Emily E. Weichbrod
Do Not reproduce Without Permission